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Ireland’s Historic and Ancient Culture preserved in breath taking pieces of hand cut crystal holding epic designs, inspired by our Celtic past and historic rugged landscape, each piece is hand crafted by Master Craftsman Sean Daly, who is preserving Ireland’s long and distinguished tradition of Irish handcrafted cut crystal for future generations.

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Dingle Crystal Factory Tours.

The Dingle Crystal factory caters for group demonstrations for up to 35 people, as well as smaller demonstrations.

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Dingle Crystal Designs and their Inspirations.

Dingle Crystal Collections

The Dingle Crystal Collections contain the following items and much more. Crystal bowls, candle holders, stemware, decanters for wine and whiskey, crystal gifts, vases, whiskey glasses and tumblers, lights, chandlers, cases and more…You can also find personalized gifts and exclusive wedding gifts at Dingle Crystal. All items are available in the Dingle Crystal online store.

Celtic Flame

designs celtic flameThis design is inspired by an etching Sean took from a Celtic Stone, with Celtic Designs on it, 25 years ago. These stones dot the Irish landscape and are a direct link to our ancestors and our ancient culture. Sean transferred these precious designs onto Dingle Crystal 15 years ago. Giving us a beautiful connection to our past and our ancient peoples.


The Solas design was created by Sean to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Dingle Crystal. In Irish, Solas means Sun or Light, this inspired the upward flame design of this beautiful range.


The Dingle design was inspired by Celtic traditions and the magnificent Fuchsia flower that thrives around West Kerry. The design consists of a Celtic band and Fuchsia design


deigns skelligThe Skellig range and design could be viewed as a very traditional design. It contains deep cuts that were inspired by the rugged landscape and the sharp rocks on Skellig Michael. You may not realize it, but many of you have already seen Skellig Michael and don’t even know it. Skellig Michael is a rocky island off the coast of Kerry, an island that was home to an ancient monastery with beehive shaped cells that the monks would have lived in, Skellig Michael appeared at the end of Star Wars Episode VII and will appear in Star Wars Episode VIII.

The Blasket

The Blasket Islands are 3 beautiful Islands located off the coast of Kerry. They are a Gaeltacht area, which is an Irish speaking area. The Blasket design features a Celtic band and three flat olives placed around the band to represent the three Blasket Islands.

Harp & Fuchsia

designs harp The Harp and Fuchsia is the newest range at Dingle Crystal. It is beautifully simplistic with a Harp representing Ireland and our cultural heritage and the beautiful fuchsia that is a representation of West Kerry.

Sinead’s Thoughts

Sinead has found a new love for Irish Hand Cut Crystal, all thanks to the inspirational work of Sean Daly and his family at Dingle Crystal.

Recently I made a wonderful personal discovery in Dingle Co. Kerry. This was my discovery and introduction to Dingle Crystal. The wonder that is Dingle Crystal is both magnificent and epic, combining Ireland’s ancient culture with the skill and historic craftsmanship of Sean Daly.

Growing up in Waterford I probably took Crystal a little for granted but looking at a piece of Dingle Crystal I was left speechless, with every cut capturing the light perfectly, bringing a perfect piece of Irish culture and history to life in my hands.

Each piece is individual and depicts the most beautiful designs imaginable, that are so full of meaning. All pieces are designed, cut and polished by hand using traditional techniques that are in danger of dying out. Sean and his family are preserving and protecting this historic craft for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

The precision, passion and attention to detail, that goes into every piece of Dingle Crystal is inspiring. For Sean Daly preserving the art of hand cut Irish Crystal is an essential in preserving a historic part of Irish heritage and culture.

Hand cut Irish Crystal has been a part of Irish Industry since the 18th Century. All of Sean’s hand cut pieces are inspired by the beautiful, rugged and formidable landscape of the West of Ireland and our inspirational Celtic Past. Buying a piece of Dingle Crystal is buying a piece of Irish history and heritage.

The Foundation of Dingle Crystal.

Sean and Liz Daly embarked on their epic adventure into the west of Ireland in 1998 and this is where the story of Dingle Crystal begins.

the traditional irish crystal is unique

Dingle Crystal is a thriving family business that specializes in exquisite hand cut Irish crystal. Sean started his apprenticeship as a young man in Waterford Crystal, studying his craft for 15 years, becoming a master cutter. Sean believed deeply in keeping the tradition of crystal cutting in Ireland.

So when Waterford Crystal moved its production overseas, Sean decided he would start his own crystal company. Leaving Waterford for Dingle County Kerry, Sean and Liz began their work in preserving a deeply important part of our culture and heritage. Dingle Crystal has grown from strength to strength and can be found in homes throughout the world.

In Ireland during the 18th Century the art of Irish Crystal Cutting was a thriving industry and there were once thousands of Crystal cutters, however this is no longer the case. As many companies moved their production over seas there was no longer a need to train new cutters, meaning that Sean is one of the few remaining Master Cutters in Ireland today.

Sean is however continuing this epic tradition and his son’s Shane and Stephen work as his apprentices in the Dingle Crystal workshop, they are learning this amazing skill directly from their father, insuring that his craft never dies. Dingle Crystal is a wonderful family runs business with Adam and Bella also deepily involved managing the store and the online store, which ships all over the world.

Every piece of Dingle Crystal is hand cut in the Dingle Crystal workshop. As they are hand crafted no two pieces are ever the same, when buying a piece of Dingle Crystal you are getting something truly historic and unique. Each piece of Dingle Crystal is personally signed and dated by Sean.

All phases of production are carried out in Ireland using traditional techniques. All pieces contain Sean’s personal designs that were all inspired by the rugged landscape of the West of Ireland and Celtic art consisting of designs containing traditional Celtic knot work and circles inspired by our dramatic and historic Celtic culture.

sean and blue o'sheaBefore Dingle Crystal was founded, Sean founded Ambassador Crystal in Butlerstown, County Waterford. Sean is pictured with his lifelong friend and exceptionally gifted Master Cutter Blue O’Shea. They started in Waterford Crystal together when they were teenagers and became exceptionally gifted cutters, becoming Masters of this epic craft. Sean and Blue have been life long inseparable friends. This amazing picture was taken in the mid 1990’s capturing two Masters at work. Two wonderful friends and gifted Crystal Cutters creating magnificent works of art. Their friendship and legacy forever cut into Crystal

About the Author:

Sinead is the head of our Historical and Cultural research team. Sinead studied Archaeology with modular Anthropology, and has Post Graduate qualifications in Heritage Management, including History, Museum Management and Religious Studies.


  1. Jeannine Schirra August 9, 2017 at 8:04 pm - Reply

    My mom, 2 cousins, and I were taken on a tour of Dingle Crystal by Sean in late May, 2017. We watched, as he cut a design into a piece, buffed it, and cleaned it. It was beautiful and he truly is a master at his craft. I bought 4 designs of various crystal items. Sean was so patient in answering all of our questions and explaining his art. I love my crystal pieces. It reminds me of the history and beauty of Ireland. Thank you, Sean!

    • Sinead Murphy August 10, 2017 at 10:49 am - Reply

      Thank you for your lovely comment Jeannine, Going to Dingle Crystal is an amazing experience. I completely agree, every piece captures a piece of Ireland within it, Sean has a gift and we are so lucky he is sharing it. Sinead

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