Slieve League Cliffs, A Special place to stand in Ireland

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Located in Donegal, Ireland on the Atlantic coast, Slieve League Cliffs stand at 601 meters (1,972 ft.). These are the highest cliffs within the island. Cliffs of Moher in County Clare are the other natural feature whose fame is widespread in Ireland and beyond, but the fact is that these cliffs are not as high as Slieve League Cliffs. Their height is three times greater than the famous Moher Cliffs.

slieve leagues

Slieve League Cliffs are precipitous on the northern end and the impact of the waters of the Atlantic sea, have caused the southern end to form a precipice as well. From the south side, the shape of this natural landscape descends to the right towards the sea, leaving a trail of long knife-edges, which make up the summit.

Walking on this ridge is of “One Man’s Path,” and the euphoric feeling on this track is enhanced by the fact that it does not pose any danger to individuals. However, on stormy days, you need to be sober and observe caution while on this path, for safety purposes. The northern end slope is up to 1500 feet high and drops into the coomb that encompasses the Little Lough Agh.

lake on the slieve leagues

That is the point where you find most of the alpine plants that are part of Slieve League Cliffs. These Alpines are special because they give you a treat to a rear sight in Donegal.

Major attractions

There is a parking lot where you can leave your car, which is only a few miles away. From here, the path opens to an unforgettable paradise with incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Sligo Mountains, and Donegal Bay. All the while, you will be atop the thrilling heights of Slieve League Cliffs as you enjoy the wonder before your eyes. The same cliff on which you walk faces Bunglass directly, a cliff that is more than 600 meters above the waters below.

Beyond the viewing point at this point, the path leads to One Man’s Pass and only experienced walkers are advised to use this route. The trail loops onto Pilgrims Path with some of the best viewpoints that offer the best platform to capture the moments on camera.

sitting on the edge of the slieve leagues

Living on the Edge

Bunglass is an impressive point from where to view the features below, accessible by a narrow road from Teelin. The rest of the path from this place is set along a precipice with turns at the crest of a rise on different locations. The sight of the cliffs from Bunglass viewpoint is just breathtaking, and visitors willing to capture some of the best photographs of this destination can take them from here.

Other facts about the Slieve Leagues

It is believed that this destination has a sacred history by the fact that many years back, there was a Christian Pilgrimage here. It is for that reason that Slieve League was identified as a holy mountain long before Christians gained access to the region. More details about the beautiful location are available at Slieve League Cliffs Center. Part of the highlights of the center includes the culture of the local people, crafts, and their food as well.

tranquility at its best by the cliffs

Cian’s Conclusion

Slieve League Cliffs are a magical experience for all visitors to the destination that leaves them with a desire to visit the place once more in the future. The natural feature also sets the stage to connect with the beauty of nature that relaxes the mind, body, and spirit.

After walking along the tops of the cliff for about three hours, I was finally to tired to move. I didn’t even want to drive I was that wrecked. Instead I enjoyed a bit of tranquility and sat down beside sheep shit (yes, there were sheep everywhere) for about an hour just taking in everything around me. I had about 3 cups of tea and some homemade ice-cream available from the food van’s who are their to help parched walkers such as myself. My colleague that attended the cliffs with me was even able to purchase an Aran sweater for her mother and a hand crafted walking cane for her dad.

Even if you didn’t want to walk the scenic cliffs for exercise, it’s still a special place to go and take in the sights, have an amazing cup of tea and chat to the friendly sales people in the carpark.

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