The Beauty of Connemara, Ireland

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Do you want to experience the real beauty of Ireland? Well, I would say visit Connemara. It is a land of beaches, lakes, and mountains located on the northern west side of Galway. It is full of desolate beauty, attractive sites, and incredible sceneries. This place has charm, and it is close to the hearts of both the Irish people and visitors due to its beautiful features.

kylemore abbey connemara

The best way you can explore and experience the beautiful nature of this place is by car. This is because you can stop at any location you wish. Its main town is the Clifden which is an Irish town with shops and restaurants. There are also traditional Irish pubs, and with these, you get a place to enjoy yourself and get refreshments.

leenane waterfall connemara

You will know you are in Connemara when you get in the extensive bogland and as you drive along, you will notice many lakes, woodlands, mountains, rivers and rugged hills. You will stumble across blue waters and sandy beaches as you near the coast. It is also covered with interesting, attractive sites like Glen goal Mines found in Oughterard, Connemara National Park, Kylemore Abbey and Walled Victorian Gardens and the Alcock and Brown Memorial.

Connemara is also the motherland to many outdoor activities due to the beautiful landscape. Some of the activities include;


With many lakes and rivers, Connemara is referred to as the fishing paradise. The place is simply the best to go fishing to the west of the Volga where you can go as a group of friends or family.


Nothing would feel better than going around and taking in the fresh country air as you enjoy the beautiful sceneries on a horse and you can also take adventure photos for memory keeping


You will enjoy hiking at the Twelve Bens Mountains of Connemara with friends or family. There is the Benbaun which is the highest Bens among the twelve. It allows you to view the Lough Inagh Valley when at the top. You can also see Clew Bay and Croagh Patrick.

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There is also the Errisbegs which is an excellent place to go hiking. The mountain lies to the west of Roundstone, and you can clearly view it from town. The mountain is easy to climb, and before you head to its south, you will stumble into the Connemara coastline, the Aran Island, Roundstone and two beaches.

Other Activities in Connemara

Experience the adventure at the Delphi and Killary Adventure centers. Have a greenery view of the vegetation and enjoy the beauty of beautiful spring flowers. During the spring season, you would not want to miss out the buds on the trees and enjoy painting and fishing during autumn and later enjoy turf fires as you relax after a tiresome day in the evening.

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With the above activities, Connemara qualifies to be the best place to relax your mind and get away from your problems. It is a place you can unwind your mind and move away from the modern day living. You will have a view of the Irish traditions and life.

connemara terrain in the mountains

The natives of Connemara hold their culture and heritage very carefully, and it is, therefore, worth visiting the place and experience the Irish life. The Irish people are warm, friendly and hospitable. You will love your stay here.

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