The Giant’s Causeway – Where Myths and Legend Comes Alive

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Important Information

  • Address: 44 Causeway Rd, Bushmills BT57 8SU, UK (this can be used for Google Maps)

  • Email: / Telephone: +44 28 2073 1855

  • Opening Times: Visitor Centre open daily. Last admission one hour before closing. 1 Jan – 29 Feb, 9am – 5pm; 1 Mar – 31 Mar, 9am – 6pm; 1 Apr – 30 Sep, 9am – 7pm; 1 Oct – 31 Oct, 9am – 6pm; 1 Nov – 31 Dec, 9am – 5pm; Closed 24 to 26 December. Stones and coastal path open all year.

My Experience

I’ve been to the Giant’s Causeway twice in a year, why? Because it’s just simply amazing. The entire experience from entering the visitors right through to the easy bus ride back was sensational. The amount of effort placed into enhancing a visitors experience is just extraordinary.

my little pose on the giants causeway

My little pose on the giants causeway hexagonal rocks.

My favourite part is of course the breathtaking views and rock formations but the Myth and Legends behind the Causeway is what brings the imagination alive. Standing on the hexagonal rocks listening to the narrator in my ear made me feel as though I was standing where Giant’s stood. I won’t spoil the story for you as I wouldn’t do Finn justice.

If a tale of myth isn’t what you’re looking for you’ll still enjoy listening to how the formations were built and what an amazing place to get a walk in. The tour is something everyone can enjoy. Wheelchair access is excellent and if you’re tired of walking the bus comes along every 15 minutes. It takes about an hour to walk down while listening on your handheld tour guide so it’s good to know you can take the bus back up at the end if you’re starting to feel tired.

This is by far on of my favourite attractions on our Island. Highly recommended.


The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is a natural marvel unlike any other in the world. Tourists have been visiting the site for centuries, and they will al tell you that it is something to behold and there is no other place like it. One surprising quality about the Giant’s Causeway is that it always intrigues its visitors and lights up their imagination.

How did such a beauty come about to be? You will often find tourists discussing their theories. Enjoying the site alone is glorious but the perspective one gets from being there will help you be more appreciative.

The Giant’s Causeway came into being about 60 million ago. A massive eruption happened in the area and led to such an exquisite wonder. Ever since it was formed a lot of lifeforms have made the Causeway their home and for that reason, it has a lot of natural history.

hexagonal rocks at the causeway

There are over 100 different species of plant life in and around the Giant’s Causeway. Some organisms have been existing there for almost as long as the Causeway. The volcanic eruption must have been a ferocious force of nature, but after the chaos, it left a fantastic coastline of incredible rock formations. These rocks have withstood millions of years of pounding from the waters of the Atlantic. The

The symmetry of the rock columns is usually very interesting to visitors. Nature created something that was perfect and man could never hope to replicate. The rocks are polygonal columns that are made of layered basalt. The rock columns are extended for about six kilometers of the coast.

Many animal species are often sighted around the attraction including 50 species of birds including sea birds like fulmars and razorbills. Its uniqueness guarantees that the Giant’s Causeway is the only UNESCO World Heritage site in all of Northern Ireland. In 2015, it was voted as the Best Heritage site in the United Kingdom.

giants causeway

View from the Hexagon Rock Formation at the Causeway

There are many myths that surround the Giant’s Causeway. One of them is how it got its name. It is said that the Causeway is the creation of a giant who once lived there named Finn McCool. There is not much evidence to support that theory, but there are clues that that make a case for second thoughts such as the Giant’s Boot and his Wishing Chair. Most arguments fall into either of two categories: he either created it for love or war.

chimney stacks giants causeway

In 1961, when the Giant’s Causeway was handed over to the National Trust, it was expanded to include 200 acres of the Causeway and its surroundings. The Causeway was officially opened to the public in 1986. Many rumours still continue to circulate about the site which only adds to its intrigue and continues to bring visitors year in, year out. Over five hundred thousand tourists visit the Giant’s Causeway every year.

camel hump giants causeway

The Causeway now has many facilities to cater for the tourists. There is a Forex Bureau, a souvenir shop, tourist information services and an accommodation booking service. The National Trust are the organization that looks after the operation of the site. Another facility is the Causeway Coaster. The Causeway Coaster is a public transportation service that shuttles visitors from the center to the site as long as it’s opening hours for the Giant’s Causeway.

humphrey the camel at the giants causeway

Visitors visit the Giant’s Causeway for many varied reasons. They also partake in as many recreational activities around the site. There are four mesmerizing trails at the Causeway, and they are suited to suit anyone. There is a difficult coastal hike, a pram friendly excursion and a walk to the cliff for families with little babies and people with disability.

Moreover, there is a beautiful picnic area where you can carry your food and enjoy it over a cool ocean breeze and some warm sunlight. Dogs are also allowed at the center. However, they can only be guide dogs from the Visitor Center. A country walk is also available for those who are interested. There surely is something for everyone at the Giant’s Causeway.

basalt columns

My posing at the basalt rock formations

One of the most special aspects about the Giant’s Causeway is the way it blends into the landscape. The natural basalt columns and the glass walls are superb. The magnificent architects of the center made its interior design merge seamlessly with the natural beauty outside. Their work is creative and functional. There is a glass roof through which you get a panoramic view of the entire coastline.

The center makes good use of technology giving an audio visual presentation of Finn McCool whom you can see on the big screen. The Giant’s Causeway Center was designed to be very interactive.

The Giant’s Causeway is the perfect venue for a family day out. You can enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate the wonders of nature. You can also enjoy many recreational facilities with a staff that is there to offer their assistance.

giants causeway audio tour

The visitor center was happy enough to rent out an audio piece so you can be walked through the entire tour.

If one does not wish to use the facilities at the center, they can park their vehicles farther away and walk to the site for free. They can also enjoy meals at the Causeway Hotel which has alternative catering.

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