Loftus Hall Ireland’s Most Haunted House

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Loftus Hall, Hook Head, New Ross, Co Wexford
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Sinead’s Thoughts Ireland’s Most Haunted House.

Growing up on the opposite side of the River Estuary in a small fishing village we could see Loftus Hall standing alone away in the distance. We were regularly told the terrifying ghostly tale of the young Lady Anne Tottenham’s close encounter with the Devil and how she still haunts the halls and Tapestry Room of The Hall.

sinead outside loftus hall

Even with an amazing sunny day Loftus Hall terrifies the life and soul out of me…

It’s not a tale made up for tourists, it’s a local legend told for generations. That struck fear into our hearts. A building with a vast history set in Ireland’s most turbulent and troubled eras in history. A lonesome haunted building,

in a hauntingly desolate location, whose walls have been battered by cruel and violent storms for centuries. It’s a place where history and legend intertwine to create a mystical and intriguing location where the supernatural seems to inhabit the walls.

With its panoramic views of the River Estuary, open to the elements on this wild and beautiful Peninsula, a house who’s architectural drama draws you in.

The house stands alone dark and intimidating, the exterior reflecting the darkness within, warming of the terrors within its walls. Seeing this house for the first time it is something that you would imagine in your darkest nightmares, almost like a portal into a dark realm.

Here’s a teaser of how intimidating Loftus Hall can be…

Through its history and turbulent past it’s impossible not to see the beauty in this building, it’s darkness pulling you in, drawing you closer, inviting and daring you to explore its historic halls, with its ghostly residents watching your every move.

It’s been years since I visited Loftus Hall and I honestly still got that sense of foreboding as we approached the house, inching our way closer to this massive and intimidating building. I admit I was a little nervous as this was going to be my first time inside Loftus Hall.

I was put at ease by the friendly and cheerful staff, who cherish this building and have a deep respect for it.

Having taken my time exploring the grounds to build up the courage to go on the tour, I was finally ready.

Entering the house I was surprised at the magnificent flooring and the staircase I grew up hearing about, it was breathtaking. We were told the story of the Lady Anne and given a marvelous history of Loftus Hall. The guided tour of Loftus Hall is one of the best guided tours I’ve ever experienced, I was gripped from the moment the tour started. I would like to thank our tour guide Sarah, this wasn’t just a tour it was a theatrical experience.

entrance to loftus hall

Upon entering the Tapestry Room, it would be impossible to say I wasn’t scared, I’ve spent my life exploring old buildings but Loftus Hall is one of a kind. There is a feeling In Loftus Hall I haven’t felt anywhere else, I was very wary but extremely intrigued, there is definitely something very strange about The Hall, I certainly wasn’t tempted to ask to see anything that wasn’t on the tour.

It was an amazing and extremely worth while experience and I would definitely do it again maybe I might pluck up the courage to partake in A Loftus Hall Investigative Night. The next time I have friends visiting I will definitely be bringing them to visit Loftus Hall.

If you are visiting the area put this on your list, if you are not in the area make an effort to come to The Hook Peninsula and Loftus Hall, I can promise you will be delighted you did!

Loftus Hall has a wonderfully detailed and informative interpretation gallery with portraits of previous owners who resided in Loftus Hall and a collection of striking photographs depicting images of Loftus Hall and it’s outstanding grounds.

There is also a detailed Family Tree showing how Loftus Hall passed into the hands of generations of The Loftus Family and their descendants. Giving you a detailed view of The Hall’s distinguished past.

The Gift Shop is one of the best I have ever seen with original and interesting items specifically designed for Loftus Hall and these items not available anywhere else, such as Loftus Hall playing cards, with their own dark past.

There is something suitable for everyone available at the Loftus Hall gift shop, including a DVD on the Legend of Loftus Hall and other interesting gift ideas.

The Café is wonderful with food and refreshments, for every taste, with warm, inviting and comfortable surroundings, in what is a totally refurbished area of The Hall. This wonderful space was the former function room of Loftus Hall when it operated as The Loftus Hall Hotel.

Loftus Hall is an extremely inclusive and family friendly location. They cater for children. There is also disabled access and there are disabled toilet facilities. Parking is convenient and within the grounds of Loftus Hall, just outside the main reception area.

Loftus Hall is a fantastic local amenity and they are constantly updating their facilities and attractions. The team at Loftus Hall are proud to announce that The Walled Gardens of the Hall are under refurbishment and sections will be open to the public this coming Easter 2017. These gardens would have been a major feature of Loftus in its days of glory with teams of Gardeners working tirelessly to maintain their beauty.

Gardens were a feature of most Great Houses in the past; they were a reflection of wealth and prestige. Loftus Hall has undertaken the mind blowing the task of lovingly restoring these wondrous walled gardens that were a major feature and attraction of this glorious mansion.

The team at Loftus Hall is constantly maintaining this vast property and adding new attractions to give the public an authentic and exciting experience and in the near future will be opening a traditional tea rooms in the Hall itself, and are in the process of restoring a tea room space within the main structure that will reflect the fashion and opulence of Loftus Hall in its era of glory and 19th century fashions,

Throughout the year Loftus Hall has many fun and exciting events that are family friendly such as the Waves Festival that takes place in the grounds of Loftus Hall. For Events and more news please visit

Loftus Hall also offers the ultimate Halloween experience, with a range of Tour options available for several age groups. With Ireland being the birth place of Samhain, modern day Halloween, there is no better place to experience and celebrate this Celtic festival then Loftus Hall when the veil between the living and dead weakens, this house will become open to a world of supernatural wonder. For more information on details of upcoming events at Loftus Hall please visit

The Legend of Loftus Hall

Growing up we could see Loftus Hall from across The Estuary, looking desolate and frightening, my Grandfather used to tell us the story of the Haunted Hall where the Devil visited. Charles Tottenham, Baron Loftus, had married The Lady Anne Loftus; she was the daughter of the 1st Viscount Loftus. They had a daughter the Lady Anne.

In 1666, Charles Tottenham, Baron Loftus, was in residence at Loftus Hall with his second wife The Lady Jane and his daughter Anne from his first marriage to the deceased Lady Anne Loftus. One night there was a terrible storm as there often is in this wild area of Ireland, a storm that forced a ship with only one passenger to seek refuge at Slade Harbor. He rode through the storm, to find a place to stay and saw light coming from a window in Loftus Hall.

The family heard a knock at the door and invited the tall handsome stranger dressed in black into The Hall. They offered him a place to stay and in the young man became friends with the 21-year-old Anne. They began to spend a lot of time together. One night the family and handsome stranger were playing cards and Anne dropped one of her cards, as she bent down to pick up the card she looked under the table and she saw the her handsome young man had a cloven hoof.

She left out a blood-curdling scream and it was at that moment that the young man disappeared through the ceiling to the sound of thunder, a flash of lightning. Disappearing without a trace, with the smell of brimstone lingering in the air, leaving a large hole in the roof that to this day could never be repaired, no matter how many times it was repaired the terrifying escape route of the demon kept reappearing.

Anne became mentally ill and deranged; she spent the rest of her days in what was known as The Tapestry Room, which was her favorite room. Her tiny body became twisted and huddled into a strange position, and she became stuck in the position she spent the rest of her life in. When she died, she had to be carried out of the house and was buried in a specially made coffin as they could not straighten her frail body.

The house to this day is haunted by the ghost of Anne, and that after her death the sound of horse’s hoofs could be heard, maybe it was her handsome young man returning to her. The Hunting’s were so horrific, servants left and locals would not enter the house.

A catholic priest, Father Thomas Broaders performed a Catholic Exorcism and the poltergeist activity seemed to lesson a little but there are still many reported sightings of a young woman in The Hall assumed to be Anne Tottenham, as well as countless other ghostly presences. My Grandfather told us that the veil between the living and the dead was thin at Loftus Hall and spirits that have not crossed over have made it their home.

Loftus Hall Bio/History

Loftus Hall is a large mansion situated on the wild and beautiful Hook Peninsula in County Wexford where the Rivers of the 3 sisters meet the Ocean. (The Barrow, The Nore and The Suir) The Loftus Hall you see today is built on the site of the original building Redmond Hall.

loftus hall view from outside

During the Norman conquests Raymond Le Gros arrived with the Norman Lord Strongbow (Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke) Le Gros was granted lands in Wexford and decided to build on this site with extensive views of The River Estuary. The Redmond’s started to build on this site in 1350 while Europe was shadowed in the darkness of the Black Death.

During the Irish Confederate Wars, Redmond Hall was attacked by troops aligned with Charles I, who were based at Duncannon, they demanded entry into the Hall in the name of The Crown. Alexander Redmond refused only granting the Captain permission to enter if he left his men and arms outside, Captain Aston refused and attacked The Hall but could not breach it.

Rebel forces of the Irish Confederacy lead by Captain Rossiter and Captain Thomas arrived to help defend the Hall that was known for giving aid and support to the Rebels. The Forces of The Crown were overwhelmed and Captain Aston was one of those killed.

Redmond also had to defend The Hall against Cromwell during his conquest of Ireland, where in famously vowed to take Waterford “By Hook or by Crooke”, Crooke is a town on the opposite side of The Estuary.

The Redmond Family lost possession of The Hall at this time but were later allowed to return. After the death of Redmond The Hall became the property of the Loftus Family and became their principal residence in 1666. The Hall was granted to John Henry Wellington Graham Loftus, the 4th Marquess of Ely.

In the 1870’s The Loftus Family undertook a massive rebuilding and renovation of the Hall resulting in the Loftus Hall we see today. These renovations were undertaken in preparation of an impending Royal visit from Queen Victoria, however the visit never happened. The Loftus Hall we see today and its interior filled with the most wonderful features of the time are a result of this remarkable refurbishment, on which the Loftus Family spared no expense.

It contains wonderful and beautiful architecture both externally and internally with intricate parquet flooring, the entrance hall has a one of a kind mosaic floor. The Halls most famous architectural feature, is its priceless Italian handcrafted staircase. The staircase took approximately 8 years to carve and approximately 3 years to install.

This marvel is beautifully carved, and fitted together without the use of nails or resins. As you take your tour of Loftus Hall, remember this staircase has 2 famous sisters, your tour guide will tell you where they now reside!

Loftus Hall also saw use as a convent and school for girls wishing to join the Holy Orders. The Hall also operated as The Loftus Hall Hotel but closed in the 1990’s. Loftus Hall now under private ownership of the Quigley Family of Carrick On Bannow, who have taken Loftus Hall into their care and have undertaken the mammoth task of performing refurbishments and conservation on Ireland’s most haunted house.

Loftus Hall has gained international fame for it hauntings, ghostly encounters and its deep connection with the world of the supernatural. It has earned the title of Ireland’s most Haunted House, with endless sightings of ghostly apparitions.

Loftus Hall now operates as A Haunted House and has had visits from paranormal experts from all over the world, featuring in several national and international television shows on the paranormal and has had countless visits from paranormal experts, all of whom experienced the remarkable supernatural aspects of Loftus Hall.

Guided Tours of Loftus Hall

Please note photography is strictly prohibited in the internal areas of Loftus Hall.

Following is a list of tour options. To avoid disappointment please book your tour online at Tours fill up quickly and without pre booking, your space on a tour cannot be guaranteed.

Loftus Hall House Tour

This is a guided tour of Loftus Hall. It is an interactive tour lead by experienced and knowledgeable tour guides, who are familiar with every aspect of The Hall’s history, legend and hauntings.
The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and your tour guide will be available at the end of the tour to answer any questions that you might have.

Please be advised that STROBE LIGHTING is used on this tour.


· €10 Adult
· €7 Senior
· €6 Student (Age 12-18 years or holder of legitimate student card)
· €5 Child (Age 4-11 years) Infants 0-3 years, go free but require inputting on your booking
· €25 Family Ticket – includes 2 adults and 2 children (4 -11 years)
· €30 Family Ticket – includes 2 adults and 3/ 4 children (4 -11 years)

· Students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Please be advised that anyone under the age of 16 who is not accompanied by an adult will not be permitted to take part in the tour.
· Parents and guardians bring children on tours at their own digression.
· Loftus Hall is Ireland’s most Haunted House and Loftus Hall cannot be held responsible for any distress caused.
· Strobe Lighting is used on tours.

Loftus Hall Investigative Night

For more details and to book your investigative night at Loftus Hall please go to

The Loftus Hall Investigative night is priced at €66 per person.

The Hall opens its doors to a very limited number of paranormal investigations that give visitor’s unprecedented access to The Hall, and its darkest areas.

To partake in these experience visitors must be over the age of 18

This exclusive package includes a rare evening entry to Loftus Hall starting at 8:30PM. The Investigative Experience starts with an initial tour of Loftus Hall with the lights on. For this initial tour, you will be guided by members of the highly trained and informed team members of Loftus Hall.

loftus hall shop

After you have been familiarized with Loftus Hall including its history, legends and the countless hauntings that have occurred within these walls, your paranormal experience will officially begin. You will be guided to areas of Loftus Hall that are not on the regular tour and are not accessible to members of the public, such as the upstairs areas of The Hall. Your Investigative experience of Loftus Hall will finish at 3:30AM.

Please Note that visitor safety is of the highest priority to the staff and management of Loftus Hall. Any participant who puts their own safety or others at risk will be removed from the tour.

Loftus Hall is The Ultimate Halloween experience!

A brief explanation of Samhain.

Samhain is a Celtic Festival born in Ireland and has become popular throughout the world and is now commonly known as Halloween. It was a sacred Festival for the Ancient Irish, as the days became shorter and darkness fell over the land, however they knew light would come with the rising of the next sun.

Samhain was the time when the lines between the living and the dead became blurred. As the veil between the worlds of living and the dead weakened we were given the chance to worship and respect our Ancestors. The Celts would have left out offerings to their dead. However the darker side of Samhain was troubling to the Celts because as our ancestors visited, it also meant that evil and demonic spirits could also cross into the land of the living.

To ward off and confuse unwanted visitors the Celts would have lit bonfires and dressed up as scary creatures to disguise themselves, hoping that evil spirits would not recognise them as living, hoping they would not be dragged into the realm of the dead! Remember to always dress up at Samhain to ward off any unwanted visitors.

Loftus Hall has several tour options to celebrate Halloween. All tours are specially suited to the age guidelines of your tour choice.

For your information these tours fill up very quickly and there are a limited number of places on each tour. You tour cannot be guaranteed without pre-booking and tickets for this event is non refundable to book any of the following tour options please visit

Over 5’s Halloween Tour

This is a themed tour and costumes are recommended to hide you from any unwanted visitors. This tour is not suitable for those under the age of 5 years old and children under 5 will not be allowed on the tour. Please Note, Parents and guardians bring children on tours at their own digression and strobe lighting is used on this tour.

This tour lasts for approximately 50 minutes.


· €13 Adult
· €10 Senior
· €10 Student (Age 12 – 18 years or holder of legitimate student card)
· €8 Child (Age 5 – 11 years)
· €30 Family Ticket – includes 2 adults and 2 children (5-11 years)
· €35 Family Ticket – includes 2 adults and 3/ 4 children (5-11 years)

Over 12’s Halloween Tour

This tour is aimed at those aged 12 and over. It is an interactive and theatrical tour, celebrating Samhain and the legends of Loftus Hall. This tour contains strobe lighting and some areas of the tour will be dark and some children may find it scary. Dressing up is recommended to hide you from any unwanted visitors.

This tour lasts for approximately 50 minutes.


· €13 Adult
· €10 Senior
· €10 Student (Aged 12-18 years or holder of legitimate student card)

Over 15’’s Halloween Tour.

This tour is aimed at the age group of 15 years and over. It is an interactive and theatrical tour, celebrating Samhain and the legends of Loftus Hall. This tour contains strobe lighting and some areas of the tour will be dark and some may find it scary.

The over 15’s tour will go into more detail of the hunting’s of Loftus that younger children may find distressing. Dressing up is recommended to hide you from any unwanted visitors.

This tour lasts for approximately 50 minutes.


· €13 Adult
· €10 Senior
· €10 Student (Aged 12-18 years or holder of legitimate student card)

Please Note for All the above tours.

· Parents and guardians bring children on tours at their own digression.
· Loftus Hall is Ireland’s most Haunted House and Loftus Hall cannot be held responsible for any distress caused.
· Strobe Lighting is used on tours.

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