Dove Hill, Irish Design Centre.

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Carrick On Suir
County Tipperary.
Phone – +353 (0)51 645013
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Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday – 930am – 6pm
Sunday and public holidays – 12pm – 6pm

Recently on our way to visit the world famous Rock of Cashel, County Tipperary, we were starving and decide to stop for lunch at the wonderful Dove Hill, which is situated about 2 miles outside Carrick on Suir on the Limerick road.

We had our lunch in the Green Heart cafe. The cafe is located in an original thatched cottage at the entrance to the Dove Hill complex. There is plenty of parking, and after our lunch we wanted to explore the rest of Dove Hill, which is like an Aladdin’s cave full of exciting treasures.

As you can guess from the name the food was healthy and delicious. There was a huge display of salads and juices, just what we wanted on an exceptionally hot day. The staff are friendly and extremely helpful.

After lunch we explored the rest of Dove Hill complex and we were amazed at the wonderful treasure that were contained within shops that are located within the main shopping centre.

Ireland is extremely famous for many of our beautiful crafts and we found many of these exceptional crafts for sale within Dove Hill. Aran sweaters (or as we say in Ireland Jumpers) in a wide range of designs and colours were available in the Blarney shop.

Aran sweaters are world famous and are extremely warm and made from dense wool. They originated in the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, to keep fishermen warm. The sweaters are hand made and warm enough to withstand the bitterly cold weather at sea along the wild, west coast of Ireland.

It was said that many families had their own designs and if someone was lost at sea they could be identified by the family pattern. The colour of the sweaters was originally white or cream. An Aran sweater was designed and crafted to last a lifetime.

We also found Irish linen items that we are world famous for. There were beautiful Celtic designs on tablecloths, napkins and countless other items. The blankets and throws were astonishing.

They came in so many different colours and designs, the perfect answer to keep warm on cold dark winter nights. Baby blankets were also available which would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift that could be passed down through generations.

dove hill scarfs

Dove Hill is a perfect rest stop on the way to many historical locations in this area. It is full of beautiful and wonderful items that are perfect for yourself or  as a gift. For those visiting from oversea, tax refunds are available for non-EU citizens.

One of the most lovely things that speaks to the quality of goods at the Dove Hill complex is that it is very popular with local people, proving the quality of goods on sale are loved throughout the community. .

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