The Ring of Kerry

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An untouched breathtaking destination is a magical experience for every tourist that is on holiday. This is mostly the characteristic of those destinations that you have not visited before and many values such experiences, which is why they will start saving early in the year for that special moment.

The Ring of Kerry in Ireland is one such destination with a pristine environment that leaves you in bewilderment by virtue of its beauty.

Many tourists flock this destination from around the world because there is a lot to do and see in the course of their stay here.

So if you are just here for hours, a day, or few days, the Ring of Kerry will certainly avail more than you can imagine exploring and at the end of the day, you will definitely have no reason why you should not of for the same destination once more, the next holiday season. Here are some of the attractions to enjoy.


The Ring of Kerry has a lot to admire from the moment you set foot here to the days you spent holidaying at this destination. If you are a fan of ancient heritage, you will be delighted to explore the Iron Age Forts & Ogham Stones, a landscape carved out of a rock by the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago and Old Monasteries.

All these are part of the ancient heritage of Ireland and historians who come as tourists and those with interest in historical facts, frequent these destinations every year.

The statue of Charlie Chaplin who was one of Waterville’s regular visitors can be viewed here as well. A visit to this destination without a tour to the amazing Ring of Kerry tourism is never complete.

The ring has some of the most famous attractions, which include a million shades of green, the panoramic views of lakes and mountains, colorful streets of Kenmare, the River Laune, Ross castle, Waterville Beach, roads on the beautiful contours of the land, beautiful golf courses, the magnificent Old Barracks in Cahersiveen, Rossbeigh strand, the Marina in Cahersiveen, various spots that are a haven for photographers, among other attractions.

Without a doubt, the Ring of Kerry has amazing beauty and wonderful sites that give every tourist value for their money. You can never be disappointed if you opt for this destination for vacation either as an individual or with family and friends.

If you have a host on ground, they will be able to guide you on the sites to visit and book transportation where necessary for you, to ensure that your experience at the Ring of Kerry is one of the best ever.


Other than sightseeing, there are many more activities to engage in for every tourist who comes in. First and foremost, golfing is a way of life here. With more than 20 golf courses, the Ring of Kerry is one of the famous destinations for golfers, who visit to swing the stick as they enjoy their leisure time here.

That is not all. If you fancy a quiet, beautiful landscape for walks, then, walking the Kerry Way will be an awesome experience for you.

Water-sports, riding, running and cycling are the other activities to engage in. Freshwater fishing for salmon and trout as a luxury in addition to fishing at sea for mullet, cod, bass, conger eel, mackerel, tuna, Pollack among others, form part of the luxury or adventure activities.


If you wish to access some of the quiet regions within the Ring of Kerry, then, cycling will be the best option. The cycling path follows a route that the official driving ring of the region misses, including the Valentia Island and St. Finian’s Bay.

If you opt for a drive, you will have a lot to enjoy, but eventually, you will not be able to explore the bay and the island mentioned earlier.

It is difficult for tour buses to navigate the roads around this region because they are quite narrow.

Hence, most bus companies offer transportation around the ring for tourists as well as other commuters during the day.

In summer, these same buses offer circuit trips in the area. Self-drive is the another option you can choose from if you are conversant with the region and if you do not know your way around, your host should be able to guide you if you invite them to accompany you.


Depending on the duration of your stay at the Ring of Kerry, you can opt for suitable accommodation from the options available.

If you wish to interact with the real culture of Ireland that brings you closer to the inhabitants as you learn their culture and tradition, then, lodging in a Family Home in Kerry or an Irish Bed and Breakfast will be the ideal choice.

In addition to giving you access to locals who will be an invaluable resource in guiding you around as you tour the area, you will also get a chance to enjoy genuine Irish hospitality.

Nothing beats an opportunity to interact with other cultures away from home for most tourists and engaging in some of their traditional activities is a delightful experience that remains etched in their minds for many days to come.

Holiday Home Rentals are also another option that allows you to do your own catering for those who would rather prepare their meals.

Ring of Kerry holiday homes offer you this opportunity and included in these homes are all facilities needed to make your stay here comfortable. These include washing machines, TVs, microwave ovens, fridges, and much more.


Other than the usual recipes you expect to find in most hotels and lodges when you visit the Ring of Kerry, you may have an opportunity to sample some of the region’s traditional cuisine such as “Irish Fry” and Soda Bread. The beauty of these recipes, as well as other varieties, is that you are poised to enjoy as you dine, despite your taste or preference.


Needless to say, the Ring of Ireland is a top destination for anyone looking for some interesting, capturing, breathtaking and ambient destination to enjoy their vacation. More than just a great destination for all, it gives you the home experience away from home and to some; this is one of those destinations they would choose for a home if they had the option to do so.

The reason is that once you experience the place, it becomes harder each day to leave even as the departure date draws near. Mother Nature certainly has a way to connect with our lives in a very special way, and this is best expressed by the beauty that the Ring of Ireland exudes.

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