Cobh – A Vibrant Town with a Fascinating History and Friendly Locals

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So one of my first posts about towns has to be about Cobh. Why? That’s where my girlfriend hails from.

I’m currently sitting in Kelly’s Pub with with Aileen and her father Robert on a gloomy Saturday afternoon. There’s no occasion it’s just what us Irish like to do sometimes and Robert did just finish playing in his brass band in the square.

Cobh Brassband

Robert Aherne on the Euphonium on a cold winters day in Cobh.

Anyway, drinking always leads to a good chat and we got talking about

I explained that my sister and I wanted to let people visiting Ireland know about places from a locals point of view. What better way to find out about Cobh than from the locals themselves. So a few quick questions to Rob…

A few questions to get my Cobh knowledge up to date…

What is Cobh famous for?

Well, obviously Cobh is best known for being the last stop The Titanic took before departing on its maiden voyage to the United States. It picked up its last passengers here…

We’re also known for Spike Island. A prison hosted on an island in Cobh harbour. It’s not in operation now but  tours operate there all year round.

Ireland’s Naval Headquarters is situated in Cobh’s seaport.

Other than that we’re also known for some of our sporting legends – Sonia O’Sullivan and Roy Keane.

What are the best pubs in Cobh?

Well, Kelly’s where we are right now is a great place for a few drinks. Warm stove usually, great spot to watch the rugby.

If you’re looking for some traditional music the Rob Roy is great place.

These are just the ones on the waterfront near the square.


The Commodore is the best known hotel in town. There’s also the Watersedge. There are many B&B’s to choose from as well. You’re best bet would be check out trip advisor.

Bio / History of Queenstown

Cobh is a port found in Cork County, Ireland. It was known as Queenstown until 1920. It is a tourist port located on the southern of the Great Island in the Coast of Cork County. It is the home to the only dedicated cruise terminal in Ireland. The port has many Irish names starting with Cove which was its initial name before it was renamed Queenstown and later Cobh.

Some of the great features located near the port are the Spike Island, Haulbowline Island and Colman’s Cathedral which is among the tallest buildings in Southern, Ireland. The port is characterised by its beautiful coloured houses and waterside views. You would not want to miss experiencing the magical feeling at this place. There are many places to visit including historical museums, pubs, and restaurants, some of which include;

The Town Museum

The museum is a fun place to visit with family and friends. Its exhibitions reflect the history of Cobh. Cobh is known to have a long maritime history from during the colonisation period, and all those memories are kept in Cobh Museum. The museum has a department where you can do a family research during the visit to make it more fun and engaging.

Cobh Heritage Center

Cobh is said to be the saddest town in Ireland due to the immigration of poor men and women. A lot of people migrated from this port although others persevered and survived. The history is well told in Cobh Heritage Center. You can have fun by exploring the early emigrant vessels like the coffin ships and learn more about Annie Moore who was the first immigrant. There are special exhibitions dedicated to the ill-fated Titanic. You will get a chance to trace their ancestors since they offer a Genealogy Record Finder Service.

Fota Wildlife Park

This is one of the best wildlife parks in Europe. The animals in the park roam freely to allow visitors to get close with the amazing creatures. The park has a Tropical house which is a home to reptiles, tropical fish, amphibians, birds, and butterflies. The Sanctuary House houses warty pigs, Sumatran tigers, and lions. You will enjoy taking photos at Fota Wildlife Park since there are no restrictions.

The road train

You do not want to miss this adventure when visiting Cobh. You get the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views in town. Cobh road train will take you around the city as you get to listen to stories about the history of Cobh. You will have a stopover at beautiful sceneries which is very enjoyable especially for children who love fun trips.

Cork Harbour

You will get to view Cobh from the sea point. You can explore the Cork harbor on an excellent boat adventure with Cork Harbour boat hire. The boats are facile to sail, and you will be led by a safety boat for a one hour tour. The adventure is perfect for people of all ages, and you do not need to have a previous boat experience to board the boats.

You will never get hungry or feel cold while at Cobh. The place is full of restaurants and pubs where you get refreshments and accommodation at friendly prices. The community is friendly and welcoming. Do not miss out on the opportunity.

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