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        1505, 2017

        Reginald’s Tower – The Crown of Ireland’s Ancient East

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        Reginald’s Tower has had many functions in its long and dramatic life, it is said that the tower was sometimes used as a Royal residence. Reginald’s Tower was used as a prison and as a mint. The coins struck at Reginald’s tower were struck with “Cavitas Waterford” on one side.

        2004, 2017

        The 1798 Irish Rebellion – A Little bit of Irish History

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        Inspired by the American and French Revolutions, giving Ireland, the Inspiration to rise up against an oppressive force of foreign rule. The 1798 Rebellion gifted Ireland with the ability to see a future of our own making. The songs, stories and famous names of the 1798 Rebellion are still sung and spoken about today.

        1804, 2017

        Wicklow Historic Gaol – Where Historical Crime And Punishment Come Together, With Haunting Results.

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        As you drive through the beautiful historic town of Wicklow, it is impossible not to be astounded by the staggering size of Wicklow’s Historic Gaol; it’s high thick stonewalls echoing stories of its long and historic past.

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