Wexford, Ireland

County Wexford is an amazingly beautiful County on the South East Coast of Ireland, in the Province of Leinster.

In Irish Wexford is known as Loch Garman. It is one of Irelands most beautiful and historic Counties. With so much to do and see, as well as beautiful places to relax, in beautiful surroundings.

Wexford is within easy driving distance from Dublin Airport, has an excellent transport system and is home to one of Ireland busiest Ports Ross Laire, where Stena Line and Irish Ferries both sail to and from.

Wexford is home to high mountains, stunning lakes, forests and long rolling beaches along its coastline. It is also home to the wild and beautiful Hook Peninsula, which holds some of Ireland’s most precious views. Its winding and formidable rivers leading our people throughout the world and giving invaders access.

Wexford is packed full of wonderful hotels, magnificent Castles, Abbeys and Great Houses with their Walled Gardens still as they were in their ages of glory. Its stunning and quant Bed and Breakfasts are guaranteed to make any trip to the area memorable. With excellent bars and restaurants in every town in the county, you will be spoilt for choice.

Wexford is especially famous for its tradition of wonderful music and you will find most local pubs will be full of songs and stories of Wexford epic and exciting history.

Wexford has the honor of having a history that dates back to prehistoric eras of the Celts and some of the most powerful Irish Clans came from this area. Wexford was one of the first areas of pagan Ireland to be Christianized as well as being one of Ireland’s important Viking Settlements, especially Wexford Town itself.

Wexford is world famous for being the site of the Norman Invasion of Ireland and has recently started to develop The Norman Way, which is a Heritage Trail through south county Wexford.

Throughout its long history Wexford is most famously associated with the Irish Rebellion of 1798, where the fighting was most fierce and many famous Irish songs about this rebellion mention Wexford and its many battles, many of the battlegrounds are still visible today.

Wexford is also the ancestral home of President John F Kennedy’s Family and some of Ireland and  most famous characters.

3 04, 2017

The Kennedy Homestead – Ancestral home of John F Kennedy in Ireland and home to the JFK museum.

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For me seeing this quintessential Irish farmhouse, is a silent reminder of what our emigrants achieved in the United States, coming from what would have been humble beginnings to become one of the most famous and powerful families in world history.

28 03, 2017

The Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience – Standing as a silent witness to the mass exodus of Ireland.

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New Ross is a beautiful town, full of interesting buildings, restaurants, pubs and cafes. Crossing the River its impossible not to be impressed by the Norman aspects of this lovely town, and The Dunbrody Famine Ship nestled into The Quay side, telling a story of a time we are all aware of, a time when many Irish were forced to flee this beautiful land in search of a better life, free of hunger.

11 03, 2017

Hook Head Lighthouse – The Guardian Light of the South East.

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Have you ever wondered where the famous phrase “By Hook or By Crook” came from, a phrase we have all heard and quite possibly used. Well it is was born here having been famously said by Oliver Cromwell, when he was invading Ireland. He rounded Hook Heed and on the opposite side of The Estuary in Co. Waterford in the village Crooke.

2 03, 2017

The Knights Templar of Ireland – Templar’s Church Templetown Wexford

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Situated on the wild Hook Peninsula in an area known as Templetown, The Templar Church stands as testimony to an era in history that has thrilled and excited our imaginations for centuries. Although now a ruin of its former glory, it is not hard to imagine what this Church would have looked like during its use and days of former glory.