Best Places to Visit in Ireland

Ireland has some of Europe’s most outstanding Castles, breath taking views and a culture famous for being friendly and welcoming to all tourists. Our fun loving nature has put us on the map as one of the safest and friendliest countries to visit. If you want to cycle the Ring of Kerry, stand where Giant’s have stood or have an adventure holiday that will be embedded in your fondest memories forever, Ireland has it all.


18 04, 2017

Wicklow Historic Gaol – Where Historical Crime And Punishment Come Together, With Haunting Results.

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As you drive through the beautiful historic town of Wicklow, it is impossible not to be astounded by the staggering size of Wicklow’s Historic Gaol; it’s high thick stonewalls echoing stories of its long and historic past.

3 04, 2017

The Kennedy Homestead – Ancestral home of John F Kennedy in Ireland and home to the JFK museum.

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For me seeing this quintessential Irish farmhouse, is a silent reminder of what our emigrants achieved in the United States, coming from what would have been humble beginnings to become one of the most famous and powerful families in world history.

28 03, 2017

The Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience – Standing as a silent witness to the mass exodus of Ireland.

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New Ross is a beautiful town, full of interesting buildings, restaurants, pubs and cafes. Crossing the River its impossible not to be impressed by the Norman aspects of this lovely town, and The Dunbrody Famine Ship nestled into The Quay side, telling a story of a time we are all aware of, a time when many Irish were forced to flee this beautiful land in search of a better life, free of hunger.

11 03, 2017

Hook Head Lighthouse – The Guardian Light of the South East.

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Have you ever wondered where the famous phrase “By Hook or By Crook” came from, a phrase we have all heard and quite possibly used. Well it is was born here having been famously said by Oliver Cromwell, when he was invading Ireland. He rounded Hook Heed and on the opposite side of The Estuary in Co. Waterford in the village Crooke.

2 03, 2017

The Knights Templar of Ireland – Templar’s Church Templetown Wexford

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Situated on the wild Hook Peninsula in an area known as Templetown, The Templar Church stands as testimony to an era in history that has thrilled and excited our imaginations for centuries. Although now a ruin of its former glory, it is not hard to imagine what this Church would have looked like during its use and days of former glory.

25 02, 2017

Cahir Castle – Ireland’s enchanting Medieval Fortress

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If you are interested in visiting Castles in Ireland put Cahir Castle at the top of your list, it is breathtaking. Having been brought up less then an hour from Cahir Castle I am ashamed to admit this was my first time visiting this amazing place.

14 02, 2017

Kilkenny Castle: Everything You Need to Know

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Kilkenny City is one of Ireland's most vibrant and exciting places to visit. It is packed full of vibrant pubs, restaurants, shops and cafes. It's History as a Medieval City is evident in its streets with Kilkenny Castle taking pride of place within the City Centre.

5 02, 2017

Trim Castle in the Boyne Valley, Meath

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History comes alive so easily here, this building is inspiring and frightening all at once. Medieval life could be cruel and bloody, this Castle saw it all, it's a silent witness to Irish History, I found myself wishing that the walls could talk, but as I walked deeper into the bowels of Trim I realised that they do whisper and sometimes scream of it's dramatic past.